February 3, 2009

thank you, deb

"Ashley's work is truthful and beautiful --reflective of a truthful and beautiful person--a treat for the eyes and thought-provoking. Most of her pieces have sold, a great accomplishment for a young artist. The people have spoken with their dollars. Her work strikes a common vein of the connection that ties us all to the earth and the creatures therein. It evokes memories of childhood and youth---walks in the woods, skimming minnows in the pond, field trips to museums and lab dissections in high school. Nature offers us the most vivid images of beauty and brutality. Ashley draws upon these images, accentuating the beauty.

The artwork is colorful and compelling, the craftsmanship of the paper cut-outs is exquisite. To those of us who have been eagerly anticipating this show, Ashley has not disappointed. And to this gentle yet fierce young artist---who is as passionate about recycling paper and plastic, as she is about rescuing misguided hummingbirds that find themselves inside the building -----I say, CONGRATULATIONS on a superb and successful show!!" Deborah B. (a co-worker)