March 26, 2011

brees studio, inc.

March 10th was my three year anniversary at Brees Studio. Working at this company as an artist, project manager, fabrication supervisor, etc. has been an incredible experience. I never could've imagined being involved in such interesting unique work, especially in the small town of Murphysboro, Illinois. One of my proudest accomplishments thus far has been the development of our new website I've been working on this project for the past year with the talented folks at 1187 Creative and I'm thrilled the site is finally up and running. Please take a look.

Silvia & I painting white oak foliage during my first month.


The Life We Love said...

What an amazing web site! Ashley you are so talented!!!! We are soooo proud of you!!!!

Ashley said...

Thanks for checking it out and for your kind words! Love & miss you all soo much!

Anonymous said...

Yin: spread your wings. Everyone is so proud. You transmit beauty-such an inspiration. Peace to you. Philos